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ALL of us are affected by chemical toxicants

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Watch Bill Nye “The Science Guy”, explain how Activeion works

“Though overall cancer incidence and mortality have continued to decline in recent years, the disease continues to devastate the lives of far too many Americans. In 2009 alone, approximately 1.5 million American men, women, and children were diagnosed with cancer, and 562,000 died from the disease. With the growing body of evidence linking environmental exposures to cancer, the public is becoming increasingly aware of the unacceptable burden of cancer resulting from environmental and occupational exposures that could have been prevented through appropriate national action. The Administration’s commitment to the cancer community and recent focus on critically needed reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act is praiseworthy. However, our Nation still has much work ahead to identify the many existing but unrecognized environmental carcinogens and eliminate those that are known from our workplaces, schools, and homes.

The Panel was particularly concerned to find that the true burden of environmentally induced cancer has been grossly underestimated. With nearly 80,000 chemicals on the market in the United States, many of which are used by millions of Americans in their daily lives and are un- or understudied and largely unregulated, exposure to potential environmental carcinogens is widespread. One such ubiquitous chemical, bisphenol A (BPA), is still found in many consumer products and remains unregulated in the United States, despite the growing link between BPA and several diseases, including various cancers.

…While all Americans now carry many foreign chemicals in their bodies, women often have higher levels of many toxic and hormone-disrupting substances than do men. Some of these chemicals have been found in maternal blood, placental tissue, and breast milk samples from pregnant women and mothers who recently gave birth. Thus, chemical contaminants are being passed on to the next generation, both prenatally and during breastfeeding. Some chemicals indirectly increase cancer risk by contributing to immune and endocrine dysfunction that can influence the effect of carcinogens.

…Many of these contaminants—even substances banned more than 30  years ago—remain ubiquitous in the environment because they break down very slowly, if at all.

…The entire U.S. population is exposed on a daily basis to numerous agricultural chemicals, some of which also are used in residential and commercial landscaping. Many of these chemicals have known or suspected carcinogenic or endocrine-disrupting properties. Pesticides (insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides) approved for use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) contain nearly 900 active ingredients, many of which are toxic. Many of the solvents, fillers, and other chemicals listed as inert ingredients on pesticide labels also are toxic, but are not required to be tested for their potential to cause chronic diseases such as cancer.”

Read the entire report:

How many such reports does one need to begin cleaning with the ActiveionPRO or the new IonatorEXP ?

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Get rid of all those chemicals under the sink!

Early this year Activeion introduced the ionatorEXP for commercial use, and the ionatorHOM for the home. Soon after its introduction the ionatorHOM was featured on the TV show The Doctors, and the rest, as they say, is history.

 Now why would one want to get rid of chemicals and clean with activated water?  “TENS of  THOUSANDS of chemicals are in commerce and current chemical testing is expensive and time consuming. Results from chemical testing are scattered throughout different sources,” said Dr Robert Kavlock, director of EPA’s National Center for Computational Toxicology. Many chemicals are considered safe until proven otherwise.

With a new website, ToxRefDB,  the EPA is now making it easier for scientists and the interested public to search and download thousands of toxicity testing results.  $2 billion of testing results over a thirty year time period can be found on this new site. 

Bring out a few chemicals from the janitors supply room, or from under your sink, and them go to the new EPA site, . Query a specific chemical and find all available public hazard, exposure, and risk-assessment data, as well as previously unpublished studies related to cancer, reproductive, and developmental toxicity.

Now ask yourself which way do I want to take my company or my home.

Once again we have posted the video done by Bill Nye “The Science Guy” explain how the Activeion works.

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink Ribbon Challenge

Help provide 500 mammograms. Corporate sponsors provide the money, you provide the clicks. Click through to The Breast Cancer Site and help out with just a click!

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Activeion pro helps asthmatic friend clean construction dust.

Just before school started this fall, some friends of ours took their two daughters to the beach. While they were gone, a local contractor removed old flooring and installed beautiful new ceramic  in their entrance hall, powder room, and kitchen. Our friends had spent a substantial amount of time picking out the right style, design, and color, and for the first time ever, eagerly looked forward to the last day at the beach. Arriving home they found the contractor had done a fantastic job, and the floor looked better than they had imagined. As they looked around at their style and color coordination they began to realize that the job had created a tremendous amount of dust, and the cooling system had circulated that dust through the entire house. Knowing that we sell cleaning products for commercial use Janine called my wife and said HELP! 

The following morning I had a number of things for her to chose from. After providing her an assortment of items to work with she told me how quickly this dust had affected her allergies. I then pulled out the Activeion PRO.  I explained how it worked, and told her to use this on any surface that would not be harmed with a light mist of water. I also told her the Activeion PRO would keep the dust from becoming airborne again, as well as clean the surface below the dust. She looked at me with the same apprehensive look that I get from most people when I explain the Activeion PRO, and not wanting to hurt my feelings said that she probably would not have the time to use it, but would definitely use the treated dust cloths, dust mops, and various other items that I had brought in.

Two days later my wife got an e-mail from Janine, and the subject line said “WOW!”  At some point Janine had grown tired of what she felt was moving dust from one room to another, and remembering what I had said about allergies, she decided to give the Activeion PRO a try. It wasn’t long before picking up dust was secondary, and the cleaning ability of the Activeion PRO had Janine and her girls eagerly attacking the house again.

MRSA outbreaks show how important it is for our schools to clean for health reasons, not appearance. With MRSA outbreaks on the rise many schools have turned to huge quantities of harsh disinfectants. Basic hygiene helps to lower the spread of  all bacteria, but think about it, how many of us have only told our kids once to wash their hands before coming to the dinner table. If it’s that hard at home, what happens the six or eight hours they are in school.

MRSA, CA-MRSA, HA-MRSA, USA300. What do these acronyms mean, and how do they differ?  The following article is one of the best I have come across.  Skin Deep, by Mark Honigsbaum, gives a good explanation, as well as some startling figures from the CDC. The article was written in February of 2008, and sites figures from the CDC for the year 2005. “According to the CDC, Community-Acquired MRSA was responsible for 94,000 life-threatening infections and nearly 19,000 deaths in the US in 2005”.

Sanitize with the Activeion Pro. When used as directed, independent third party certified lab testing shows the Activeion Pro has a greater than  99.9% reduction of the following organisms: e-coli, staph, MRSA, listeria, salmonella. This is accomplished with a 4 second spray and wipe!

The proper use of an EPA registered chemical disinfectant or sanitizer is a two step process. The directions state that it is to be used on a “previously cleaned, non-porous, surface”. So step one is to clean the surface with another cleaner to remove all dirt, body oil, anything that could harbor bacteria. Step two, dilutions vary between manufacturers, but once the concentrate is diluted properly the directions call for a “contact time”. That means the sanitizer has to remain WET, on the surface for a specified period of time in order to be effective. Contact times vary from product to product, a few are as little as 30 seconds, some are as long as 30 minutes. Most that list MRSA on the label are in the 10 minute range. Spray and wipe with a traditional product is not an option.

I know of one school in my area that has added a third step to this process when it involves the student desk . School personnel rinse the desk with plain water to remove any trace of chemical residue. Allergic skin reactions to the chemical residue had been reported by the school nurse in the elementary grades. Often times these students would have a “quiet time” after recess, at which time they would put their heads down on their desk. Perspiration quickly liquefied the chemical residue and caused rashes on some students. 

The Activeion Pro leaves absolutely no residue as it cleans and sanitizes in one quick step.

Our June archives has a video done by Bill Nye “The Science Guy’. Bill explains the science behind the Activeion Pro in this very informative and entertaining video.

Acting Surgeon General Issues ‘Call to Action to Promote Healthy Homes’

Acting Surgeon General Steven K. Galson, M.D., M.P.H., today issued The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Promote Healthy Homes at a press conference from the National Building Museum in Washington D.C. The Call to Action looks at the ways housing can affect health; its release will initiate a national dialogue about the importance of healthy homes.

“The home is the centerpiece of American life,” Galson, a Rear Admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service, said during today’s press conference. “We can prevent many diseases and injuries that result from health hazards in the home by following the simple steps outlined in this Call to Action.”

Some examples outlined in the Call to Action include preventing falls by taking measures such as installing grab bars in showers and preparing a fire escape plan. Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths among older adults.

Other steps outlined in the Call to Action include:

  • Check gas appliances, fireplaces, chimneys, and furnaces yearly and change furnace and air conditioning filters regularly.
  • Keep children safe from drowning, lead poisoning, suffocation and strangulation, and other hazards.
  • Improve air quality in their homes by installing radon and carbon monoxide detectors, eliminating smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke, and controlling allergens that contribute to asthma and mold growth.
  • Improve water quality by learning to protect and maintain private water wells.

Galson urged everyone from parents and homebuilders to community leaders and policy makers to embrace the holistic approach to creating healthy homes outlined in the Call to Action.

During the event, Ron Sims, Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) also announced the release of HUD’s Healthy Homes Strategic Plan. HUD’s plan demonstrates why healthy homes is a national priority, describes what steps should be taken to achieve healthier housing, and highlights the key public and private partners for implementation.

“We are pleased that we are able to release our strategic plan to the nation today,” Sims said. “We must continue to work together across communities and the nation to ensure our homes are sited, designed, built, renovated, and maintained in ways that support the health of residents.”

The Call to Action outlines the next steps of a society-wide approach to healthy homes that will result in the greatest possible public health impact and reduction of disparities in the availability of healthy, safe, affordable, accessible, and environmentally friendly homes.

  • Individuals can make their homes healthy and more environmentally friendly by improving air quality, safely using household products, properly using safety devices, adequately supervising children, and abating the use of toxic chemicals.
  • Organizations can educate at-risk populations about the connection between health and housing, and identifying and addressing home deficiencies.
  • Health care providers can incorporate healthy housing solutions into their protocols.
  • Government can help create homes that are affordable and improve people’s health. Adequate supplies of affordable housing must be made available in order for healthy homes to be achieved.

“Good health begins at home. Home is the place that most families connect, talk, and make decisions about their health,” said Dr. Howard Frumkin, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Environmental Health within the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. “Ensuring that the nation’s homes are safe, healthy, affordable, accessible and environmentally friendly will have a direct, immediate and measurable effect on the health of the nation.”

The Call to Action also highlights the need for research that links housing conditions with specific health outcomes and that highlights the impact of disparate access to safe, healthy, affordable, and accessible homes. The outcomes of this research should result in tangible improvements to people’s lives by translating practice into policy.

The release of this document is part of a larger Healthy Homes Initiative led by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and HUD with support from such organizations as the National Center for Healthy Housing, the Alliance for Healthy Homes, and the Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning.

Please visit for more healthy home information, to download The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Promote Healthy Homes, or to listen to a podcast from the Acting Surgeon General.

To order a printed copy of The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Promote Healthy Homes, call 1-800-CDC-INFO or email and reference the publication title.


The Activeion Pro eliminates chemical cleaners in the home and workplace. Replacing up to 47 different common cleaners. Creating a cleaner, safer, healthier environment. Watch the video in our June posting. Bill Nye “The Science Guy” explains the technology behind the Activeion.

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Cleaning Products Up Nurses’ Asthma Risk 72%

This study was published by Bio-Medicine (1/20/09)
“Disinfectants and other chemicals boost their odds of respiratory trouble, study finds”

“TUESDAY, Jan. 20 (HealthDay News) — Frequent exposure to hospital cleaning products and disinfectants greatly increases nurses’ risk of asthma, according to a U.S. study that included 3,650 Texan health care professionals, including 941 nurses.”

“The researchers found that nurses regularly exposed to cleaning products and disinfectants were 72 percent more likely than other health care colleagues to report being diagnosed with asthma since starting their job.”

The researchers noted that the nurses were in contact with various chemicals, including bleach, disinfectants, and other all purpose cleaning products.

Switching to environmentally friendly Activeion Pro could eliminate a variety of products that lead to Asthma symptoms.

LOS ANGELES, CA — June 23, 2009 — Healthy Child Healthy World, the nation’s nonprofit leader in educating the public about preventing children’s exposure to harmful chemicals, is proud to announce a new long-term partnership with Activeion Cleaning Solutions, a company revolutionizing the cleaning industry through a simple, safe, highly sustainable cleaning technology.

The company’s first product, the Activeion Pro, integrates the cutting-edge technology into a portable bottle that converts tap water into a powerful cleaner and sanitizer as it sprays, freeing families from the classic chemical arsenal relied upon for a clean home. Activeion Cleaning Solutions is the first company to take a popular water technology used for decades in the food processing, industrial technology and health-related industries, advance it, and then design it into a mobile, on-demand cleaner for commercial as well as residential use.

“Parents today are constantly looking for products deemed safe and healthy, but it can be a confusing marketplace,” says Christopher Gavigan, CEO and executive director, Healthy Child Healthy World. “They rarely have the time to research high-quality, nontoxic options. With a product like the Activeion Pro, however, parents don’t have to worry about any chemical intrusion. Using only activated water, the Activeion Pro is a safe, powerfully effective household and surface cleaner for every family.”

For more than 18 years, Healthy Child has selectively collaborated with groups and companies that focus on reducing and eliminating chemical exposures from home products, furnishings and food. Activeion Cleaning Solutions is now joining this prominent group of partners that have passed strict quality standards and due diligence investigations that demand ultimate transparency and integrity.

“Healthy Child Healthy World’s mission to create safe environments where children and families can flourish aligns perfectly with that of Activeion,” says Jim Wiese, Activeion Cleaning Solutions’ CEO. “Combine our simple, safe and sustainable technology with Healthy Child Healthy World’s effective outreach, and families now have the information and the tools to ensure their homes are as nontoxic and environmentally friendly as possible.”

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